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The condom – more than protection

In 2023, condom use in the Nordic countries increased along with a change in attitude and behavior among... Read more
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Audio erotica – a perfect tool for exploring the world of pleasure

RFSU as a knowledge organization is constantly exploring the world of desire. How we perceive desire is highly... Read more
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Sex Toy Guide – how to find the right one for you

SO MANY REASONS TO EXPLORE SEX TOYS! You know how feel-good hormones boost you when you’re engaging in... Read more
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How to maintain your erection

Worrying about your erection and not being able to keep it up are among the most common concerns... Read more
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Products to make oral sex nicer

Licking and sucking your partner is warm, wet and intimate. And many people think that oral sex is... Read more
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How the senses can make you more horny

Sex and horniness start in the brain. A touch, a scent or the sight of something that turns... Read more
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The best sex toys for the disabled

Having reduced senses, difficulty using your hands or other functional impairments don't have to be obstacles to pleasurable... Read more
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How to find the P-spot

You hear a lot about the G-spot. But did you know that people with a penis have a... Read more
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Five sex tips for a hot summer

Summer and holidays mean time for sun, swimming and sex. Here are our sex educators’ best tips for... Read more
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Anal guide – how to choose the right sex toy for anal sex

For those wanting to explore anal sex with the help of a sex toy, there is everything from... Read more
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The Expert: How to choose your first vibrator

For those with a clitoris, a vibrator is a must in the sex toy bag of tricks. But... Read more
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The Sexologist’s tips: how to choose the right sex toy

Fancy trying something new and boosting your sex life? Then sex toys could be just the thing for... Read more
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Sex life during menopause

Menopause can cause both that your daily life and sex life changes. The expert’s advice is to relax... Read more
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If you use a condom you’ll be considered a better sex partner

If you want to appear confident, experienced and responsible, then the condom is the contraceptive you should suggest.... Read more
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The expert: how to have good anal sex

It’s exciting, a bit taboo and needs treating with caution. But if you handle it properly, it can... Read more
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Feathers, handcuffs or massage on Valentine’s Day?

A sexologist’s best tips for how to spice up your sex life on Valentine’s Day. Read more
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How keegle exercises can give you better orgasms

Would you like hotter, better sex and stronger orgasms? Then squeeze training is a hot tip! Sexologist Suzann... Read more
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Let us present the G-spot!

It is the stuff of legend. It has great orgasm potential. And it has gone from being just... Read more
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