RFSU AB  is a manufacturing company. RFSU products are sold in many places both online and in physical stores including groceries, pharmacies, health and beauty stores, kiosks and gas stations. The principal market is the Nordic region.

A business that finances non-profit work

Profits from RFSU AB’s sales go to the owners, the National Association for Sexual Information (RFSU). These resources are then used to help spread information nationally and internationally, on sex and cohabitation issues.

That means that every time you buy a product from RFSU, you are helping to spread information that improves people’s lives in the Nordics and around the world.

Our business concept

We offer high-quality products in the sex, cohabitation, body and well-being categories. The products are designed to give men and women a more pleasurable and safe sex life as well as increased well-being and a better quality of life.

What we do in brief

  • We have always been a wholly owned company of the National Association for Sexual Information (RFSU), which was founded in 1933.
  • We have an annual turnover of approximately SEK 240 million and have approximately 45 employees.
  • We are the market leader in condoms in the Nordics with our own brands, including Profil, Thin, True Feeling, Sultan, Grande, Magic and Näkken.
  • Our range also includes product categories such as lubricants (Klick and Sense Me), pregnancy and ovulation tests, body care and intimate care products and sex toys.
  • We have one subsidiary in Norway and one in Finland. We also have sales in selected markets in the rest of Europe.
  • We have our own factory in Hälsingland where we test and pack condoms. There we also run an accredited laboratory which ensures that condoms under the RFSU brand maintain the highest quality.

Who are our owners? The National Association for sexual Information (RFSU)

  • RFSU is a non-profit organization for sexual information and sexual policy. RFSU’s work is done on a local, national and international basis.
  • The operations are managed by an association board of directors. The association’s highest decision-making body is the congress, which is held every two years. The national association is a member organization with approximately 20 local associations around Sweden.
  • The organization is independent in terms of politics, unions and religion, and aims to spread a knowledge-based and open view on cohabitation and sexual issues.
  • RFSU is based on the conviction of the central role of sexuality and cohabitation for the individual and society. Fundamentally, there is a freedom perspective and a rights perspective on sexuality that based on every individual’s freedom to be, to choose and to enjoy themselves.
  • RFSU works with information, education and opinion-forming by arranging courses, and conferences and by taking part in debates.
  • RFSU also runs the RFSU clinic at Medborgarplatsen (7th floor) in Stockholm.
  • The association’s head office, where sex educators, experts, lawyers and communicators work with RFSU issues is also located at Medborgarplatsen.

National Association for Sexual Information (RFSU)