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Condoms for everyone

Not sure what the right size is? Visit our condom guide, to help find the right one based on circumference, length, and shape.

Using a condom may not be the first thing that comes to mind when having sex, but it really should be. Because nothing else gives you as much freedom to explore sexuality and enjoy sex to the fullest. Condoms are also the only contraceptives that protect you against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. For those who want hormone-free contraceptives, condoms are a common choice.

Condoms can make sex better

Some people think that condoms spoil intimacy and limit pleasure. But you could also look at it like this – with a condom you can put all your concentration on the sex, because you don’t have to worry about any possible consequences. And with some of our condoms, you can even enhance your experience. So a condom can actually boost sexual pleasure.

Condoms to suit many needs and preferences

Today, we manufacture many types of condoms so everyone should be able to find one that fits. It’s important that the condom fits well and is easy to put on. Most people feel that a shaped condom fits better than a completely straight one, while the straight ones can be somewhat easier to roll on.

So try to choose a condom that fits in size, and then it’s the length and girth that you should mainly look at. There are extra large and extra small and tight. There are extra thin condoms for a closer-to-the-skin feel, which many appreciate and some condoms also have special effects such as taste or ridges.

A condom from RFSU contributes to thousands of young people receiving sex education

How do you get pregnant? How do you make a relationship work? When you buy a condom, a lubricant or any other product from RFSU, you are not only doing something good for yourself, you’re also contributing to us being able to give thousands of young people around Sweden sex education and answer their questions about the body and sex. In the first half of 2019 alone, we met over 12,000 students. Thanks for making it possible!

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2019-04-08 1000 17006 179
Big pack rfsu 17006 kondomer 30 pack

RFSU 17006

2019-04-03 1000 Beyond Thin 145

RFSU Beyond Thin

2019-04-01 1000 Grande 185
Big pack Grande

RFSU Grande

2018-12-11 1000 Grande XL 115

RFSU Grande XL

2019-04-02 1000 Mixed 179
Big pack rfsu mixed kondomer 30 pack

RFSU Mixed

2019-04-04 1000 Profil 179
Big Pack rfsu profil kondomer 30 pack

RFSU Profil

2019-04-03 1000 Sensitive 125

RFSU Sensitive

2019-04-01 1000 Sensual 179
Big pack Sensual

RFSU Sensual

2018-12-11 1000 Sweet 85

RFSU Sweet

2019-04-04 1000 Thin 179
Big pack rfsu thin komdomer 30 pack


2019-04-02 1000 Tight 179

RFSU Tight