Dotted and ribbed condoms

Our dotted condoms provide increased pleasure for both partners. By using a dotted condom, the experience for both can be increased and the sex will be more pleasurable.
Shaped and dotted condoms
The classic Näkken is a ribbed and dotted condom. The condom is dotted for increased pleasure and stimulation, thin, and has a curved tip for a further increased sensation. Similarly, RFSU Power Boost is a condom with studs and grooves on for increased stimulation. The lubricant also contains L-arginine, which is an amino acid that is found naturally in the body and provides increased blood circulation. It is the optimal condom for extra effect that can strengthen the erection and provide increased sexual pleasure for a more intense feeling and a better experience for both.

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2019-04-01 1000 Sensual 10 pack 65

RFSU Sensual 10 pack

2019-04-01 1000 Sensual 30 pack 179

RFSU Sensual 30 pack