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Here you will find RFSU adult toys and sex aids that offer you pleasurable moments, curiosity and exciting games. Here you can find sex toys and wonderful products for massage and foreplay. The range is well selected to be safe, functional and maintain a high quality.

Discover RFSU adult toys and sex aids

Adult toys are a great way to explore pleasure and discover parts of the body that you haven’t reached before. They can also help you explore your sexuality and find out what exactly you or your partner likes. So take a look at the adult toys we offer here and see if you find something exciting.

High quality RFSU adult toys, sex aids and accessories

In addition to a wide range of adult toys, RFSU also offers accessories such as cleaningspray. Your toys and sex aids will stay fresher for longer with our high quality accessories.

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2020-11-09 1000 Big O Orgasmic Gel, 30ml  159

RFSU Big O Orgasmic Gel, 30ml 

2022-09-16 1000 Excite Me 0

RFSU Excite Me

2022-09-16 1000 Keep Me Close 0

RFSU Keep Me Close

2018-12-11 1000 Lust & Energi Man 299

RFSU Lust & Energi Man

2018-12-11 1000 Lust & Energi Woman 299

RFSU Lust & Energi Woman

2019-11-15 1000 Massage oil Calm 100ml 89

RFSU Massage oil Calm 100ml

2019-11-15 1000 Massage oil Fresh 100ml 89

RFSU Massage oil Fresh 100ml

2022-09-16 1000 More Pleasure 0

RFSU More Pleasure

2022-09-16 1000 Natural Feel 0

RFSU Natural Feel

2022-09-16 1000 Oh la la! 0

RFSU Oh la la!

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