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Sex toys

Find safe, exciting sex toys to use on your own or with a partner, here.

Carefully selected sex toys

Sex toys produced by RFSU are of high quality and can give sex life added spice.

A penis ring, for example, can give a more powerful erection that lasts longer and also gives you a different feeling during intercourse. Everything is thought through to add an extra dimension and enhance your feelings of desire and pleasure.

An exciting range of sex toys

RFSU:s sex toys are brought together in a range called RFSU Sense Me. RFSU Sense Me consists of stimulating products that smell, taste and tickle in all the right places, from sex toys to massage products, orgasm gels and lubricants for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

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2022-09-16 1000 Excite Me 0

RFSU Excite Me

2022-09-16 1000 Keep Me Close 0

RFSU Keep Me Close

2022-09-16 1000 More Pleasure 0

RFSU More Pleasure

2022-09-16 1000 Natural Feel 0

RFSU Natural Feel

2022-09-16 1000 Oh la la! 0

RFSU Oh la la!

2022-09-16 1000 On Spot Stimulator 0

RFSU On Spot Stimulator

2022-09-16 1000 Pleasure Plugs 0

RFSU Pleasure Plugs

2022-09-16 1000 Pleasure Rings 0

RFSU Pleasure Rings

2022-09-16 1000 Shiny Dream 0

RFSU Shiny Dream

2022-09-16 1000 Sweet Vibes 0

RFSU Sweet Vibes

2022-09-16 1000 Thrilling Vibes 0

RFSU Thrilling Vibes

2022-09-16 1000 Vaginal Trainer Set 0

Vaginal Trainer Set