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RFSU Thrilling Vibes

Bendable vibrator with two motors

  • Thrilling Vibes from RFSU is a bendable vibrator that offers many possibilities for stimulation. It has a motor at each end and can be bent by up to 360 degrees and access the vagina and clitoris at the same time. The vibrator is made of soft silicone that feels good against the skin and you can easily choose between the 12 different vibration programs with the intuitive button. Thanks to the smart memory function, you can save the last program you used so that when the vibrator is started again, it does so with that program. Thrilling Vibes is completely waterproof and can therefore be used in the shower and bath.
  • Length: 17.3 cm
  • Diameter: 0.8-2.7 cm
  • Material: body-friendly silicone
  • Two powerful motors
  • Bendable 360 ​​degrees
  • Smart memory function
  • 100% waterproof
  • 12 unique vibration programs
  • Charges with the included USB cable
  • Fully charges in 60 minutes and can be used for approximately 40 minutes
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  • How to use
    • How do I use your sex toys?

      The area, or areas, on the body that the toy is mainly intended to stimulate are indicated on the back of the packaging. You can also get guidance in the package insert that it comes in. Here in the Q&A you will also get good tips on how to use our sex toys.


    • I have never tried using sex toys. What would you recommend I start with?

      A world of exciting pleasure awaits you! Many of those with a vagina choose to start with a smaller vibrator, like Sweet Vibes, which can stimulate the clitoris or the vagina. Keep Me Close is a so-called panty vibrator that stimulates a larger area around the clitoris and vulva, and which may be suitable to start exploring with. If you have a penis, we recommend you try our Pleasure Rings penis rings. It helps some people to keep their erection lasting longer and for others the erection increases and you get more sensitive. Find out what it will be like for you!

      Read more about how sex toys are used and work here in our Q&A.

    • Vibrators and dildos are relatively intuitive in terms of how they can stimulate and provide pleasure, but how do your other sex toys work?

      Pleasure Rings (penisringar): A penis ring keeps the blood in the penis to strengthen and/or prolong the erection. Some become less sensitive and can last longer during sex. Others experience an enhanced sensation and achieve faster orgasm. The effect of penis rings is different for different people. Pleasure Rings are available in three different sizes and are rolled onto the erect penis. One or more rings can be used, try what feels best for you. Use water-based or hybrid lubricant (water + silicone) to facilitate rolling.

      NB! Use the penis ring for a maximum of 30 minutes to avoid possible tissue damage.

      Vaginal Trainer Set (squeeze balls): Squeeze balls are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, e.g. after pregnancy or in case of incontinence. They can also increase the ability to orgasm more easily after a period of use. At all ages throughout life there is an opportunity to train the pelvic floor muscles to increase well-being, sexual desire, pleasure and the possibility of orgasm. That is because the muscles have abundant nerve endings and blood vessels and are sensitive to pressure. When training the pelvic floor, the blood supply to the muscles is increased which, in turn increases sensitivity during sexual stimulation. The squeeze ball is inserted into the vagina about as deep as a tampon and you should not be able to feel it when you are still or moving. As long as you use the squeeze muscles, the ball is held in place. If it slides down, wash your hands and bring the ball back into place and continue squeezing and strengthening your pelvic floor.

      For easier insertion and to avoid chafing the mucous membrane, use water-based or hybrid lubricants (water + silicone).

      NB! Should not be used anally as they lack an anchor/stop and therefore risk slipping into the anus.

      Keep Me Close (panty vibrator with remote control): Can either be used at home in the bedroom or for tickling games when you and your partner are out having fun. Start the vibrator by holding the button on the vibrator for 2-3 seconds until the button lights up purple. Now it is activated, but not running. Now place the vibrator in your underwear how it feels best for you. Most people like to place the raised part on the underside of the vibrator against the clitoris with the charging hole of the vibrator pointing upwards. This way you can also sit down comfortably. Feel free to try! To start the vibrations, press and hold the button on the remote control for 2-3 seconds. With a light press on the remote, the vibrations increase and also change patterns as you continue to press the button lightly. To turn off the vibrations, hold the button on the remote control for 2-3 seconds. Keep Me Close is a good choice if you have difficulty gripping and holding on to things. Ask your partner to start the vibrator as described above, place it on the area you want to stimulate and let your partner control the vibrations with the remote control.

      Natural Feel (warming masturbator vibrator): The vibrating masturbator for those with a penis can be used whether the penis is erect or not. Insert the penis into the masturbator and start (hold the on/off button for 2-3 seconds). A small plate, placed some distance from the top of the masturbator, vibrates and stimulates in a way that makes it easier for people with erectile difficulties to reach climax. Enjoy 7 different intensity levels and patterns. If you want heat, press the button with a heat flame for 2 seconds and a pleasant heat will increase after a few minutes. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off. Be sure to rinse and clean the masturbator thoroughly after use.

    • Anal plugs are new to me. What do they stimulate and how do I use them?

      Many mistakenly think that anal stimulation is just something for those with a penis, but there are also many people with vaginas who are turned on by, and enjoy anal stimulation. The anal canal has many sensitive points in everyone’s body. Many women enjoy vaginal penetration even more when they simultaneously insert an anal plug into the anus. And for many men, stimulation of the prostate, deep inside the anus, is a wonderful pleasure point.

      Note! Insert the sex toy into the anus gradually. It takes a few seconds for the muscles around the opening to get used to it and give way. Read more about sex toys for anal stimulation here.

    • Which of your sex toys can be used for anal stimulation?

      We offer three different anal sex toys – Pleasure Plugs, a set of three silicone anal plugs in different shapes and sizes. Perfect to start with for those who are new to the field and want to explore anal stimulation. The small, but delightfully heavy, metal Shiny Dream plugs can be heated or cooled for additional stimulation during use. Remember to use plenty of lubricant when using sex toys in the anus (see above which lubricants are recommended depending on the material of the sex toy). The More Pleasure prostate vibrator is our third sex toy specifically designed for anal stimulation and more specifically for stimulating the P-spot (prostate). Read more about the P point further down. 

      Oh La La, Thrilling Vibes and the Excite Me dildo can also be used for anal stimulation. Read more, under “What to think about when it comes to anal stimulation?

      Learn more about anal pleasure here.

    • Are anal plugs just for men or can women enjoy them too?

      Many mistakenly think that anal stimulation is just something for those with a penis, but there are also many people with vaginas who are turned on by and enjoy anal stimulation. The anal canal has many sensitive points in everyone’s body. Many women enjoy vaginal penetration even more when, for example, they simultaneously insert an anal plug into the anus. And for many men, stimulation of the prostate, deep inside the anus, is a wonderful pleasure point.

      Note! Insert the sex toy into the anus gradually. It takes a few seconds for the muscles around the opening to get used to it and give way. Read more about sex toys for anal stimulation here.

       Sex toys for anal stimulation.

    • What should I think about when it comes to anal stimulation?

      There are three important things to remember;

      1. Make sure that the sex toy you insert into the anus has a sufficiently large “anchor” (stop at the end). The anal opening does not work as flexibly as the opening of the vagina – when something is inserted and the anal opening is closed, it is very difficult to get out what was inserted without having to see a doctor. Our anal plugs are reviewed and approved by the sex counselors at RFSU and are safe to use.

      2. Another important thing to consider is to use lots of lubricant during anal stimulation. There is no natural lubrication in the anus, which is why lubricants are very helpful and reduce the risk of possible chafing or unpleasant friction. When using sex toys made of silicone, water-based lubricants or so-called hybrid lubricants (water + silicone) are recommended, as opposed to solely silicone-based ones (they can damage the silicone surface of the sex toy). For other materials like metal, silicone lubricants are recommended (they give the best lubrication).

      3. Take it gradually when inserting the sex toy into the anus, it takes a few seconds for the muscles around the opening to get used to it and give way.

      Can all your dildos and vibrators be used anally?
      The More Pleasure prostate vibrator is solely intended for anal use. The Thrilling Vibes multi-vibrator, the Oh La La! dual vibrator and the Excite Me dildo are suitable for everyone to use for both anal and vaginal penetration and pleasure. Remember to use plenty of lubricant (see above which lubricants are recommended depending on the material of the sex toy) and be especially careful when cleaning sex toys after anal use.

    • It’s difficult for me to hold on to things. Is there a sex toy that would work for me?

      Absolutely, there are several! There is also the Excite Me dildo with a strong (removable) suction cup that can be attached to any smooth surface (shower wall, the floor, or a chair seat, for example) and works for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Try attaching the dildo with the curved top up or down and feel which way stimulates you best. Then we have the Keep Me Close panty vibrator, which you place against the clitoris (for those with a vagina) or the area you want to stimulate. You just put your hand on it to hold the vibrator in place. It’s easy to regulate the intensity with the on/off button, or you (or a potential partner) can control the vibrator with the remote control that comes with it. Read further up on how to use it. For those of you with a penis – if you have sex with a partner, he can roll one or more Pleasure Rings (penis rings) onto your penis, which for many strengthens the erection and increases the possibility of longer enjoyment or coming faster. It has a different effect on different people, so test how it works best for you.

    • My partner and I use a strap-on. Do any of your sex toys work with a strap-on?

      Yes, the Excite Me dildo has a removable base plate + suction cup and can be screwed into a strap-on harness (not all, but works with many).

    • Is it generally recommended to use lube when using sex toys?

      For most people, using lube with sex toys makes it even more pleasurable. If you’re moist enough, you don’t need to use lube, but feel free to try it out – most people find that lube enhances the sensation. When it comes to anal sex toys, we recommend always using lubricant, because the anus has no natural lubrication.

      NB! See below which type of lubricant is suitable for the different sex toys (depending on the material they’re made of).

    • Can you use all kinds of lubricant with your sex toys?

      Use water-based lubricants or hybrid lubricants (a mixture of water and silicone) for sex toys made of silicone. Do not use a pure silicone lubricant as it can damage the silicone surface of the sex toy. For metal sex toys, silicone lubricant is always recommended.

    • I have dry mucous membranes. What is the best way for me to use sex toys?

      Be sure to use plenty of lube. For sex toys made of silicone, water-based lubricants or so-called hybrid lubricants (water + silicone) are recommended rather than a solely silicone-based lubricant (it can destroy the silicone surface of the sex toy). For other materials, like metal, silicone lubricants are recommended in the first instance (they provide the most moisture).

      One tip is to put on Klick Intimkräm or another intimate cream or oil when you have finished having sex. It moisturizes and relieves any irritation in the intimate areas.

    • How do you start the vibrating sex toys? I press the on/off button, but nothing happens.

      Try holding the on/off button down for 2-3 seconds or press quickly for one second. Do the same when you want to switch it off. Different sex toys are started and turned off as described above. If it still doesn’t work, it may be that the sex toy needs to be charged with the cord that comes with it.


    • How do you charge sex toys?

      All of our electronic sex toys are rechargeable and a charging cable is included. The Natural Feel masturbator vibrator has a so-called magnetic charging cable. At the end of the cable are two small magnetic knobs that attach to two similar magnetic knobs on the front of the vibrator. For other sex toys, insert the end of the charging cable that doesn’t connect to the wall socket into a small hole on the sex toy marked “DC”.

      NB! On Keep Me Close there is no DC mark just a charging hole, located next to the CE mark. The On Spot Stimulator doesn’t have a DC mark either, the charging hole is 2 cm to the left of the CE mark. It is stated on the packaging how long it takes to charge.

  • The body and how to get turned on
    • What is the vulva?

      The vulva is the outer part of the genitalia in people with a vagina. The vulva has two outer and two inner labia. Where the inner labia meet is the glans clitoris.

    • Where is the clitoris?

      In people with a vagina, the outer part of the clitoris (the glans) sits where the inner labia meet. The glans is very sensitive to touch with over 8,000 nerve endings – no other body part has so many. Over the glans is a cover of skin called the clitoral foreskin. The glans of the clitoris is just a small part of the clitoris. The largest part sits inside the body, under the outer labia where the clitoris spreads out in the form of two legs consisting of swelling bodies. The entire clitoris is approximately 7-10 cm – much bigger than most people think!


    • There are sex toys that stimulate the G-spot. Where is it?

      The G-spot* has a mythical status. It has great orgasmic potential. And it has gone from being just a small spot to an entire area. This is what we know about the G spot…The scientific world now agrees that there is an area on the front vaginal wall up towards the navel, a few centimeters (3-5cm) inside the vagina, that can be extra sensitive and orgasm-inducing. What has until now been called the G-spot, is, in more recent research, called the CUV complex. The name is an amalgamation of the English words for clitoris, urethra and vagina and is a better description of it – namely, a whole area which, with the right stimulation, can give you both fountain orgasms and a new sensation. When you stimulate this area, you reach a type of gland that can make people with a vagina ejaculate, so if you want to try to get a fountain orgasm, this is the area you should stimulate. For many, the G-spot is best stimulated by putting pressure on it or thrusting. You can also make a “come here” movement with your fingers or use a sex toy. In our range, we have a vibrator specially designed for G-spot stimulation; the On Spot Stimulator. Our vibrators Oh La La, Thrilling Vibes and dildo Excite Me also have good G-spot potential.

      * The G-spot was referred to in 1981 in a medical treatise on the female orgasm and was named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who, in the 1950s, was the first to describe this erogenous zone in medical literature.

    • I know about the G-spot, but what is the P-spot?

      The P-spot (prostate) is the male equivalent of the G-spot area. The prostate is a gland that sits approximately 5 cm up the anus, towards the stomach. It is as big as a walnut and has a slightly rough surface. To stimulate the P-spot, you can use your fingers or sex toys that are specially adapted to stimulate this area. Many people find it nice to have pressure applied to it, either all the time or on and off. You can also do a “come here” type movement. More Pleasure is a specially designed vibrator specifically for prostate stimulation. Our other vibrators, Oh La La, Thrilling Vibes and the Excite Me dildo also have P-spot potential.

    • I find it hard to get horny. Do you have any advice?

      You’re not alone in feeling this way! Here are some suggestions on how to trigger your desire: Read sex novels – google, search in audiobook apps, borrow from the library or check UMO’s tips 

      Watch movies – there are many movies with hot, lusty scenes – google and find inspiration. Listen to audio erotica short stories – Oh Cleo, AVA Stories, Dipsea Stories, and Blanche Stories are some we like. Google for more!

  • Safety
  • Cleaning and storage
    • How do you clean sex toys?

      Use lukewarm water and soap, rinse and let them dry.

      NB! If the product is “splash proof”*, avoid washing it under running water, instead, rinse with water from your hands or clean it by spraying it with our Eco Cleaner. It is important that no water gets into the charging hole.

      There are also special cleaners for sex toys, e.g RFSU Eco Cleaner.

      * They can take water splashes and being washed off with water, but should not be used in the shower and/or in the bathtub


    • How often should I clean sex toys?

      Always clean sex toys after use. If they are dusty or unclean when you’re going to use them, you can rinse and dry them beforehand.


    • What is the best way to store sex toys?

      For rechargeable products, after each use allow the product to cool down before storing. Store the product in a clean, cool and dry place. Moisture can damage electronics. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Why are you launching sex toys?

      Contributing to people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, functional capabilities or relationship status, being able to enjoy their body and sexuality is something we at RFSU work with every day. Our sex toys are carefully selected and evaluated by RFSU experts in various fields to contribute to people’s sexual health and well-being.

    • What aspects of sustainability have you taken into account when developing your new sex toys? Do you feel it is important?

      We always strive to meet demands for sustainability from several aspects, from environmental, health and social perspectives. Here are a few:

      all products are rechargeable, i.e. they do not contain batteries (except for the remote control for the Keep Me Close panty vibrator)

      – we have chosen cardboard, colors, printing technology, etc. with environmental aspects in mind

      – clear instructions on how packaging and products are sorted for recycling

      – we have chosen functionality on several of the products to meet certain needs of people with disabilities

      – we have ensured that the materials are so-called body-safe materials, i.e. we follow set requirements and regulations for products used close to the body

      – our products not only make you and your sex life better, but also the world you live in. A world where you are free to express your sexuality, love who you want, and have the right to decide over your own body. By choosing RFSU products, you support our work for sexual and human rights – for your, my and everybody’s freedom. 

    • How are sex toys sorted for recycling?

      Instructions on how the products are sorted for recycling can be found on the back of the packaging. The packaging is sorted as paper, the window (in the flap on the front) as plastic, and the magnets as metal (they can easily be torn out of the flap).

      Electric sex toys are sorted as electrical waste. Sex toys that are not electric are sorted as residual waste.


    • Why do you have so few sex toys for men?

      Sex toys are traditionally made and bought mostly for people with vaginas, but this is changing as old taboos disappear and views on sex toys change. Our range today reflects typical demand, but we are working towards offering more sex toys for people with penises in the future.

    • Are there any sex toys for trans people?

      For those who have undergone gender reassignment treatment, a penis, trial cock, masturbators or artificial vaginas may not be the right size for really good stimulation. Many people instead appreciate so-called strokers, which are available in different designs and sizes, depending on how much clitoral growth you have. Find examples of different strokers here

    • I bought one of your sex toys from (store, pharmacy, e-tailer or other). Do you or the store I bought it from accept returns and/or complaints?

      Contact the store that sold you the product to deal with your return/complaint.