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Sex Toy Guide – how to find the right one for you

SO MANY REASONS TO EXPLORE SEX TOYS! You know how feel-good hormones boost you when you’re engaging in... Read more
Category:Guides, Sex & desire

Lubricant guide – choose the right lube

Lubricants help things feel nicer, no matter which one you choose. With partner, partners, or on your own.... Read more

The best sex toys for the disabled

Having reduced senses, difficulty using your hands or other functional impairments don't have to be obstacles to pleasurable... Read more
Category:Guides, Sex & desire

Anal guide – how to choose the right sex toy for anal sex

For those wanting to explore anal sex with the help of a sex toy, there is everything from... Read more
Category:Guides, Sex & desire

The Expert: How to choose your first vibrator

For those with a clitoris, a vibrator is a must in the sex toy bag of tricks. But... Read more
Category:Guides, Sex & desire

The Sexologist’s tips: how to choose the right sex toy

Fancy trying something new and boosting your sex life? Then sex toys could be just the thing for... Read more
Category:Guides, Sex & desire

Condom guide

With so many to choose from, how do you know which one fits best? Get help from RFSU’s... Read more
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