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Lubricants – a natural part of sex

A lubricant can help you reduce dryness, chafing and irritation during sex. . See our Lubricant guide for an in-depth buying guide before making your choice if you’re unsure. Lubricants primarily stimulate desire, exploration and curiosity during sex. They simply make the lovely more lovely!

For pleasurable sex without dryness and irritiation

Intimate moments should always be associated with great desire and a nice feeling. In reality, dry mucous membranes and vaginal dryness can make the experience uncomfortable or even painful. With a good lubricant that moisturizes and protects, friction is effectively reduced. You get a natural, soft, moisturized and pleasant feeling during intercourse, masturbation and when using sex toy.

What lubricants are there?

Sometimes sex can feel routine and it can be difficult to get aroused and curious naturally. The RFSU Sense Me product series is a group of enhancing lubricants you can use both in connection with massage and foreplay to increase arousal or help when you’re having sex.

There are different types of lubricants with different functions to choose from. For example, you can have one with a warming effect for a heightened sense of pleasure or for as soft, moisturized and natural a feeling as possible.

The Klick Natural Glide lubricant is a bestseller that aims to provide a natural feel. Another example is the luxurious RFSU Magic Glide, which provides smooth, rich wetness. Or why not try the 100% silicone-based Klick Supreme Glide for maximum protection and a real silky lube feeling.

Find a favorite lubricant to suit you and your needs.

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All lubricants

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2020-11-14 1000 3in1 Caring Massage Glide 150ml 95

RFSU 3in1 Caring Massage Glide 150ml

2020-11-14 1000 3in1 Turn up the Heat Massage Glide 150ml 95

RFSU 3in1 Turn up the Heat Massage Glide 150ml

2020-11-14 1000 Aqua Glide 100ml 75

RFSU Aqua Glide 100ml

2020-11-17 1000 Aqua Glide 40ml 59

RFSU Aqua Glide 40ml

2020-11-09 1000 Big O Orgasmic Gel, 30ml  159

RFSU Big O Orgasmic Gel, 30ml 

2018-12-11 1000 Klick Caring Glide, 50ml 99

RFSU Klick Caring Glide, 50ml

2018-12-11 1000 Klick Natural Glide 100ml 75

RFSU Klick Natural Glide 100ml

2018-12-11 1000 Klick Supreme Glide, 40ml 139

RFSU Klick Supreme Glide, 40ml

2020-11-14 1000 Magic Glide 75ml 85

RFSU Magic Glide 75ml

2020-11-14 1000 Oh Yes! Stimulating Gel 40ml 159

RFSU Oh Yes! Stimulating Gel 40ml