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Effective lubricants

Lubricants can do more than just provide better moisture. To explore and make the most of the moment, you can stimulate more senses if you use lube. These effective lubricants intensify the senses and enhance sex with added taste, scent, heat and moisture.

Lubricants for massage

Begin your intimate experience with a massage and stimulate the feel-good  oxytocin hormone. We have lubricants with a warming effect and can be used as a massage gel in foreplay or other intimate experiences. As well as being as a lubricant, they are specially developed to provide a sensual massage over the entire body.

Water based lubricants that taste and smell

These effective lubricants are three products in one. Maximize your sexual experience and stimulate more senses by using flavored lubricants that are also edible. Additionally, these flavored and scented water-based lubricants can be used with condoms and sex toys. They don’t get damaged and you can easily relax and enjoy the fun.

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2020-11-14 1000 3in1 Caring Massage Glide 150ml 95

RFSU 3in1 Caring Massage Glide 150ml

2020-11-14 1000 3in1 Turn up the Heat Massage Glide 150ml 95

RFSU 3in1 Turn up the Heat Massage Glide 150ml