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Intimate care

The intimate region is an important area of the body to take care of. It is complexly structured to function both to be able to have children, but also to get rid of residual products from the body, such as urine. It contains lots of nerves, which means that you quickly feel irritation, pain or other forms of discomfort if everything does not work as it should.
The body has its own systems to care for this sensitive region, including a protective mucous membrane in the vagina. The mucous membrane needs a lot of moisture and a low pH to function effectively. The key to this protection is natural lactic acid bacteria to build up a good microenvironment and a natural pH value in the vagina.
We offer products for you to care for your intimate region and ensure good intimate health. It can apply to common ailments such as urinary tract infection, vaginal dryness, fungus in the vagina or simply to restore and maintain a natural bacterial balance in the vagina.

Intimate care to relieve dryness

It is common to have problems with dryness in the intimate region. It can be due to everything from stress, dry air, illness, pregnancy and age. Dryness can cause irritation and a tightening uncomfortable feeling. The Klick Intim series can quickly provide relief and prevent vaginal dryness, both outside and inside the vagina.

Natural pH balance for good intimate health

When the natural balance of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid and a low pH doesn’t work, the mucosa gets weakened. A higher pH value can lead to disease-causing bacteria to take hold and start to grow. This is called bacterial vaginosis and can cause burning and pain. This can be treated and prevented by products such as RFSU Natural Balance, which adds natural lactic acid, corrects the pH value and restores natural balance.

Effective treatment of fungus in the intimate area

If the natural balance in the vagina is disturbed so that the level of lactic acid bacteria drops and the pH value rises, this can lead to the growth of Candida fungi. These are often found naturally in the vagina, but are kept in check by moldic acid bacteria and the low pH value. Too much Candida fungus in the vagina can lead to itching and irritation and appears as a gritty discharge from the vagina.

But there is effective help available! One example is RFSU UrinCur, where natural lactic acid bacteria are added that push away the fungus and restore a natural pH. CandiCur also works preventively for you to maintain good intimate health.

Treat and prevent a lower urinary tract infection

A woman’s urinary tract is short. In addition, the distance between the urethra and the rectal opening is also relatively short. This can lead to E.coli bacteria being transferred to the urethra, start to grow and cause a lower urinary tract infection. Then you experience a burning sensation.
What happens is that you get bacteria growth in the lower urinary tract. This condition is called urinary tract catarrh or uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection. The bacteria can also continue to move up the bladder to cause a more serious and complex urinary tract infection.
Our product RFSU UrinCur works against uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections. It also works as a preventive treatment to help maintain good intimate health.

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