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Intimate health

Dry mucous membranes? Find out what a little moisture can do

Who suffers from dry mucous membranes? Women of all ages actually, because vaginal dryness is not just an... Read more
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How do you know if you have bacterial vaginosis?

Does your discharge smell bad? It could be bacterial vaginosis. But don’t worry. Everything you need to know... Read more
Category:Intimate health

Wonderful mucosa

When it’s healthy, it’s pink, thick, moist and acts like its own little ecosystem. But it can also... Read more
Category:Intimate health

How a penis pump with a vacuum can help

When you get an erection, the swelling bodies in the penis are filled with blood. When you have... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

How does an erection function?

The ability to get an erection is something that many people take for granted, but in order for... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

How to treat potency problems

Many people wait a long time before seeking treatment for their potency problems. But the vast majority can... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

Illnesses that can affect erections

Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression. Failing to get a hard-on can be due to all sorts of things. But... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

Expert: good habits to get into, to maintain an erection throughout your life

Erectile problems are common and get more so the older you get. But for those wanting to increase... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

How to cure fungus in the intimate parts

Fungus in intimate areas is as common as it is troublesome. But there is a solution to cure... Read more
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Erection problems: the vast majority can be helped

Around half of all men in their 50s have erectile problems to some degree. But despite the fact... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Potency

Say goodbye to lingering urinary tract infections

Every year, around half a million women get a urinary tract infection. And once you’ve had one, it’s... Read more
Category:Intimate health, Menopause

Intimate shaving without getting a rash

Many people like the feeling and look of shaved intimate parts. But ingrown hairs and red dots can... Read more
Category:Intimate health