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Lubricants for dry mucous membranes

Lubricants can enhance pleasure but are also important for those with reduced vaginal moisture. A mixed lubricant that is both water and silicone based is the most suitable for dry or fragile mucous membranes. All of these combined lubricants are dermatologically and gynecologically tested.

Lubricants for the sensitive

A combined water and silicone lubricant is optimal for those with dry and fragile mucous membranes. These lubricants give a more creamy and moisturizing feeling, and offer extra care with the right pH properties. By using lubricant during sex with your partner or when using a sex toy, dryness can be reduced. Can also be used together with a condom.

Dry mucous membranes during intercourse

Lubricants can help if you experience vaginal dryness and it hurts to have sex. Ones that are a mix of water and silicone are especially good for those with dry mucous membranes. They provides long-lasting moisture like a silicone-based lubricant but are delicate and moisturizing like a water-based one. The combination offers the best of both worlds and provides a feeling of long-lasting smoothness and luxurious moisture


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2018-12-11 1000 Klick Caring Glide, 50ml 99

RFSU Klick Caring Glide, 50ml

2018-12-11 1000 Klick Natural Glide 100ml 75

RFSU Klick Natural Glide 100ml

2018-12-11 1000 Klick Supreme Glide, 40ml 139

RFSU Klick Supreme Glide, 40ml

2020-11-14 1000 Magic Glide 75ml 85

RFSU Magic Glide 75ml