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Thin condoms

A thin condom provides a skin-close, more natural feeling. The thinnest condoms are the ultimate for a real and comfortable feeling and are just as safe as our standard condoms.

Incredibly thin condoms, but still safe

A condom can enhance intimacy and prevent feelings of restricted pleasure. To get the best feeling, our thin condoms can contribute to a freer experience. Condoms are the only contraceptives that protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are also chosen by many wanting to avoid using hormonal contraceptives. You can feel safe regardless of which of our condoms you use. Our absolute thinnest condom is sensationally thin – it doesn’t even feel like you’ve got one on.

Variety of thin condoms

Our condoms come in a variety of thicknesses and we recommend visiting our Condom guide to find the best possible fit and size for you. The size guide not only shows thickness, but also helps you find the right one based on circumference, length and shape. The thin condoms have a thickness of 0.05, 0.04 and 0.03 mm and are as safe as all our other condoms.

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