Large condoms

When you use a condom, you get the best experience if you have the right size and shape suited to you. Using a condom that is too small can contribute to not feeling completely comfortable or not being able to relax during sex.

Large condoms for a better feeling
Check out our size guide and select the one that suits you for the best possible fit. Once you find the right one, you should barely feel that you have the condom on. Our condoms for extra spaciousness and larger shape are intended for those who find standard condoms too tight, something you don’t bothering you when you’re having sex. When you find the right one, you can focus instead on enjoying yourself and not worry about the condom splitting or coming off.
Extra roomy condom
Our larger sized condoms are recommended for those of you who find standard condoms too small or too tight. These large condoms are both wider and longer. Grande also has a wider fit. All large condoms are thin for a close feel and are easy to roll on.

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2019-04-01 1000 Grande 10 pack 79

RFSU Grande 10 pack

2019-04-01 1000 Grande 30 pack 185

RFSU Grande 30 pack

2018-12-11 1000 Grande XL 15 pack 115

RFSU Grande XL 15 pack

2019-04-03 1000 Sensitive 6 pack 125

RFSU Sensitive 6 pack