Condoms with flavors and effects

Check out our size guide to find the best condom for you. The condom guide gives an idea of what you can choose based on girth, length and shape.
Condoms with scents and flavors for added stimulation
The Guide also contains information about the different properties our condoms have. For those who prefer scented and flavored condoms, choose RFSU Sweet, a variety of profiled, straight, smooth and knobbly flavored condoms. They suit those wanting to stimulate more than one sense.
Mixed pack of condoms with flavours and effects
The RFSU Mixed and Enjoy Variation pack contains a variety of condoms with unique properties. In the pack we collect our most popular condoms  that vary in shape, thinness, texture and aroma. Perfect for those who want to try out a favorite or are looking for some variety.

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2019-04-02 1000 Mixed 30 pack 179

RFSU Mixed 30 pack

2018-12-11 1000 Sweet 85

RFSU Sweet