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Sex life during menopause

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Menopause can cause both that your daily life and sex life changes. The expert’s advice is to relax and focus on the feeling of desire!

It’s normal for menopausal women to have a decreased sex drive. The expert’s advice is to let go of all the demands that sex involves, and start to focus on desire instead. When you reach menopause, your hormonal balance changes and this can affect both your sex drive and your body.

“Menopause is a major adjustment and if you don’t feel well mentally, or have dry mucous membranes and cramps, you may not feel so positive about the idea of having sex. However, there is nothing to say that falling estrogen levels per se negatively affect desire,” says Åsa Enervik, midwife at the RFSU clinic.

For some, menopause actually boosts their sex life! You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant and you have more time to be intimate and explore your sex life.

Extra moisture can counteract dry mucous membranes in the menopause

A lot happens both physically and psychologically during menopause. For example, the decrease in estrogen can make the mucous membranes drier and more fragile. However, you can easily do something about it.

“If you have problems with dryness during menopaus, there are both products you can use locally inside the vagina and other creams that moisturize and counteract dryness. You won’t automatically get drier in the vagina just because you have reached menopause. But you can get drier in general, but when you get excited, you get swollen and wet just like before. But a good lubricant is always good, both for caressing sex and embracing sex,” says Åsa Enervik.

Your body is not only capable of having sex in a certain way, so focus on desire and pleasure. ÅSA ENERVIK, MIDWIFE, RFSU

Listen to your body

Regardless of the changes you experience because of menopaus, it can be helpful to talk to your partner about it. Because when you do, you may find a new way to have sex and be intimate together.

“Listen to your body. Maybe you want to start having sex in new ways and need to rewrite your old script for how to have sex. Your body is not only capable of having sex in a certain way, so focus on desire and pleasure.” concludes Åsa Enervik.



Last updated: 2023.06.27