Five sex tips for a hot summer

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Summer and holidays mean time for sun, swimming and sex. Here are our sex educators’ best tips for how to take summer sex to the next level.

Sex tip 1: Plan

Summer means holidays and free time, but it can also lead to unfulfilled expectations. Some people are tired out after a year of work, while others are looking forward to lots of time together and having sex. Talk to each other before the summer and make a plan together for how you want your sex summer to be.

”The most important sex tip is actually to talk to each other, a lot and often. Don’t think things will just work themselves out” says Pelle Ullholm, sex educator at RFSU.


Being the one who has your partner’s pleasure completely in your hands can be really cool! Pelle Ullholm, sex educator at RFSU.

Sex tip 2: Try something new

Dare to try something new is often a very good sex tip for those who feel that their sex life has started to get a bit routine. On holiday you often have both more time and more energy, so it can be a perfect time for those who want to reinvigorate their sex lives. Buy a sex toy, have sex in a new place, or try turning off one of the senses at a time, for example by using a blindfold. You can also try taking turns being active and completely passive.

“Being the one who has your partner’s pleasure completely in your hands can be really cool, just receiving pleasure without demands is amazing in another way. Try it!” says Pelle Ullholm.


Sex tip 3: Make a wish list

Sit down on your own and write down what you would like to do in bed. It could be having sex in a special place or living out a fantasy. The wish list should be a way to explore new, fun things together, so make sure that your wishes are not demanding but full of desire.

“One way to succeed with this is to start each point with: ‘Maybe you would like?’….and then fill in your wish,” says Pelle Ullholm.


Sex tip 4: Try sex outdoors

Having sex in new places is an old and proven sex tip. In the summer, you don’t have to limit yourself to just having sex indoors and the possibilities of finding new places are endless. Just remember not to have sex where someone can see you though, because you can actually get arrested for indecent behavior.

“As long as no one can see you and may take offense, there is no problem. Find a secret cave or a clearing in the forest and enjoy the unbeatable feeling of freedom with outdoor sex,” says Pelle Ullholm.


Sex tip 5: Try outercourse!

Have you heard of outercourse? No? Well it’s time you did! Outercourse is the exact opposite of intercourse and involves sex without a penis in the vagina or anus. Try a penetration-free month and see what happens.

“Removing certain dishes from the menu can get you out of your sexual routine and help you become more inventive and find new ways to enjoy yourself. If you want to reduce demands and rediscover your desire, this is a hot sex tip,” says Pelle Ullholm, RFSU sex educator.

Summer is undoubtedly the sexiest season of all, so go out and enjoy it, and make this summer the best ever!


Last updated: 2023.10.04