How keegle exercises can give you better orgasms

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Would you like hotter, better sex and stronger orgasms? Then squeeze training is a hot tip! Sexologist Suzann Larsdotter advises on how to give your sex life a lift.

Pelvic floor training may not sound like the sexiest thing in the world. But the fact is that well-trained muscles in the abdomen can lead to more desire, greater pleasure and stronger orgasms.

“When you exercise your pelvic floor muscles, the blood flow to the muscles increases, which increases sensitivity, heightens desire and can give you stronger orgasms. If you are a woman and having sex with a man, squeezing can also give him an extra nice feeling, and the stronger your muscles are, the more your partner will feel your squeeze,” says sexologist Suzann Larsdotter.

Preventions and cures

The pelvic floor consists of several muscles that form a kind of muscle plate that holds up the internal organs. In people with a vagina, muscles run along both sides of the vagina that can both expand and contract it. And it’s these muscles that you train by doing crunches.

But squeeze training is not just something for those looking to improve their sex life.

Exercising your pelvic floor is a good way to get the muscles back in shape after pregnancy, or to prevent problems of remaining tight as you get older, for example. It is also a good way to release tension and reduce pain in the pelvic floor.


You can measure your crunches with the help of apps. It’s kind of fun to see your progress and it’s easier to find out whether you’re doing the right thing or not. Suzann Larsdotter, sexologist at RFSU

Squeeze training gives you more endurance and more orgasms

Squeeze training is far from something that only people with a vagina should do though. People with a penis can also boost their sex life with the right exercise.

“For them, squeezing exercises are the secret behind both increased endurance and increased ability to orgasm. By training these muscles, you can delay your ejaculation, and with a little practice you can even learn to come several times without ejaculating,” says Suzann Larsdotter.

Find the right muscles

To get the best effect from your crunches, it’s good to work on your strength, endurance and speed. But first of all, it is important to find the right muscles.

“One tip is to try stopping your pee stream when you go to the toilet. Then you’ve got the right muscles. But don’t use this method as a way of exercising, it can disturb the body’s reflexes, says Suzann Larsdotter.

To increase strength, you need to squeeze regularly and alternate between hard squeezes that you hold for a few seconds, and less powerful ones that you hold for between one and two minutes. And remember to relax completely between the crunches.

Anyone who has a sheath can also practice squeezing with the help of balls or other tools.


“Squeeze balls help you find the right muscles and the muscles are automatically activated around the balls when you have them inside you. But even if you use squeeze balls, you should also do it without them for the best effect, says Suzann Larsdotter.

For those who need a little extra help squeezing, there are also very advanced products that can be inserted into the vagina and then connected to an app on the mobile phone.

“You can measure your squeezes with the help of apps. It’s kind of fun to see your progress and it helps you know you’re doing it right.”

It may take a few weeks to see the effect of your crunches. But if you’re the impatient type you can actually notice the benefits of squeezing much faster than that.

Immediate effect!

Squeezing can be a real pleasure booster, even in the short term. The squeeze muscles are full of nerve endings and blood vessels and are very pressure-sensitive. When you get excited, the corpus luteum in the penis fills with blood, which increases sensitivity to sexual stimulation. But the same blood filling actually happens when you do crunches.

“Squeezing increases the blood flow in the vagina and stimulates the inner parts of the clitoris, which means you can get excited and get a sensual feeling. You can even have an orgasm just by squeezing,” says Suzann Larsdotter.


Last updated: 2023.09.29