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How to find the P-spot

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You hear a lot about the G-spot. But did you know that people with a penis have a spot with at least as much orgasm potential? For those who haven’t already started, it’s high time to explore the P-spot!

The P-spot or the prostate, can be seen as the man’s equivalent of the woman’s G-spot area. And stimulating it can give rise to a whole new kind of pleasure.

“The P-spot is sensitive to touch and has many many nerves, just like the vulva and clitoris. And if you stimulate the prostate at the same time as you come, it can give stronger orgasms and enhance the feeling, says Pelle Ullholm, sex educator at RFSU.

Where to find the P-spot

The prostate is a gland that sits approximately 5cm up the anus, towards the abdomen. It is as big as a walnut and has a slightly rough surface. To stimulate it, you can use either your fingers or any of the sex toys that are specially adapted to stimulate the P-spot.

“Many people think that pressure works well. Either all the time or in a pulsating way. You can also make a “come here” movement in much the same way as you do to stimulate the G-spot in people with a vulva and vagina,” says Pelle Ullholm.


You can actually come without stimulating the penis. Pelle Ullholm, sex educator, RFSU

How the P-spot alone can make you come

When you stimulate the prostate, you reach the entire area around the anus and all the nerve endings that are there. And stimulating the prostate doesn’t just make an orgasm feel stronger. Stimulation of the prostate alone can actually be enough to achieve orgasm.

“You can actually come without stimulating the penis. It may require some practice, but it is definitely something you can train yourself to do.”

Stimulating the P-spot on your own

If you are new to P-spot and anal stimulation, you can start by testing on your own. And as with all anal sex, it is important to use lubricant and be careful.

“Some people think anal sex feels strange. In that case use a condom over your fingers as a barrier, says Pelle Ullholm.


Choose a sex toy specially for the P-spot

If you find that you like to stimulate the P-spot and want to continue exploring, there are lots of different sex toys specially adapted for just this.

“There are special dildos, butt plugs and vibrators adapted to stimulate the prostate. They can make it easier to stimulate the right area. They often have a curved top and are slightly wider at the top to stimulate the P-spot to the max,” says Pelle Ullholm.

And as always with anal sex, it is important not to use anything that isn’t suitable for anal sex.

“You have to be careful that everything you put into the anus has a stop or a wider base. Otherwise it can go in and be difficult to get out,” says Pelle Ullholm.


Give the P-spot a go!

Many men may feel ashamed about different types of anal sex, even though it has become much more accepted in recent years. This means that many men are missing out on all the pleasure that the P-spot can provide.

“If you feel like that, it can take a little while to get over it. But if you give it a chance, the P-spot can be a source of lots of new pleasure. It’s a shame more people don’t discover it. Dare to give it a go! says Pelle Ullholm.


Last updated: 2023.06.07