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Intimate shaving without getting a rash

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Many people like the feeling and look of shaved intimate parts. But ingrown hairs and red dots can cause irritation after a shave. Midwife and sex educator Åsa Enervik explains how to succeed with intimate shaving.

The feeling of freshly shaved, smooth skin makes many people want to remove their pubic hair as well. But before you pick up the razor and let loose on your private parts, it can be good to have a little insight into what you are doing. Otherwise, the risk is that the result will look more red and blotchy than smooth.

“Shaving causes tiny injuries to the skin. So it’s important to use a sharp, clean razor to reduce the risk of red spots and other problems. It is also good to use some type of product that makes the blade cut more smoothly and reduces friction,” says Åsa Enervik, midwife and sex educator at RFSU.


How to avoid getting red spots

In order to harm the skin as little as possible and reduce the risk of inflammation and red dots, it is important to be careful with your intimate shaving.

For example, you should change razors frequently, shave in the direction of the hair and have a special razor that you only use on your intimate areas. After shaving, it is important to protect and moisturize the skin.

Then it can be good to put on something that cools and soothes. There are special products specially made to restore the skin after intimate shaving.

“The skin often gets dry, so if you want to be able to continue with shaving, it is especially important that the skin is intact and flexible. If you are dry or have other skin problems, you should not shave at all. In such cases it’s better to cut them or use trimmers that aren’t as wearing on the skin,” says Åsa Enervik.


If you have dry, or other skin problems, you should not shave at all. Åsa Enervik, Midwife and sexual educator, RFSU

Wash properly between intimate shaves

To keep your penis in good shape, it’s also important to think about how to treat it between shaves. For example, it’s vital to wash this area in the right way and not to use strong perfumed soaps.

“Use a soap that is adapted to the intimate areas. And remember not to use soap everywhere. For example, intimate soap should not be used inside the labia, on the glans or under the foreskin. Lukewarm water and a perfume-free oil are enough there,” says Åsa Enervik


Treat and moisturize the skin

After washing, it can be good to lubricate the skin, to keep it healthy and moisturized and able to withstand shaving better.

And are you affected by red dots and ingrown hairs even though you have done according to the rules? Then put the razor down and give the skin rest. Some people are simply more sensitive than others.

Last updated: 2023.10.04