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Checklist: 13 common signs of pregnancy


There are certain symptoms that most women who have been pregnant recognize. These are the first signs that make you guess that you are pregnant. Here is a checklist of the common signs of pregnancy.

There’s no science about it and sometimes the symptoms are so subtle that it is difficult to connect them with being pregnant, so if you want to be absolutely sure whether you are pregnant or not, take a pregnancy test.

Common signs of pregnancy:

1. Sore breasts

A tingling sensation, tender and heavy breasts, darker areolas or more visible veins on the breasts – these can be the first signs that you are pregnant.

2. Unusual tiredness

You fall asleep in front of the TV and can’t even read a page of your favorite book in the evening. Fatigue is usually worst at the beginning and the end of pregnancy. The tiredness that many women feel are signals that you should take things a bit easier.

3. Nausea

Unfortunately, ​​the nausea of pregnancy doesn’t only happen in the morning, but can occur at any time of the day: morning, noon or evening. One of the reasons why some people feel so unwell is that the level of pregnancy hormones is high. It can be good to eat food that is easy on the stomach and to nibble on something before getting up. Or eat small meals more often.

4. A need to pee

Do you suddenly need to go to the toilet all the time including at night? During pregnancy, the body produces more urine. The growing uterus can also press against the bladder.

5. Headaches

Changes in hormones can lead to headaches. If you suspect you are pregnant, you should avoid medicines with acetylsalicylic acid (such as Magnecyl) and ibuprofen. Choose headache tablets with paracetamol instead, but do not take them too often.

6. Discharge

A common effect. When the estrogen hormone rises in the body you can have a lot of discharge.

7. Stomach ache

Is it period pain or a sign of pregnancy? It can be hard to work out which. At the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus grows rapidly which can cause dull, grinding pains similar to menstrual cramps. It often hurts just above the pubic bone, in the lower back or a combination of both. As long as you don’t bleed the pain is usually harmless, but in the worst case it could be an ectopic pregnancy or a urinary tract infection, so always contact your doctor if you’re worried.

8. Food cravings

If you suddenly feel an overwhelming craving for things like , orange juice or chocolate, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. Or maybe your brain is just playing tricks on you.

9. Constipation and bloating

Last week you could get into your skinny jeans without a problem, but now your stomach feels bloated. During pregnancy, the body produces extra progesterone, which affects the digestive system and can make your stomach feel bloated or sluggish. But the opposite feeling of a loose stomach is almost as common too.

10. Altered sense of taste

Does everything suddenly taste like paper or do you get a metallic taste in your mouth? Or do you not fancy your normal three cups of coffee a day? Changes in your tastes are often early signs of pregnancy.

11. Sensitive nose

Does the garbage can smell worse than usual? Can’t stand the smell of exhaust fumes? If your sense of smell is more acute or you suddenly can’t stand certain smells, it could be a sign that something is growing in your stomach.

12. Dizziness or fainting

It’s not just in movies that women faint when they’re pregnant. Blood pressure usually drops at the beginning of pregnancy. If you have already had low blood pressure before, you can easily feel dizzy and faint. Make sure you eat and drink regularly.

13. Late period

Many early signs of pregnancy are also symptoms of PMS. But the most telling clue that you are actually pregnant is a missed period. Of all the signs on the list, this is the one you should take most seriously.

If you usually have regular periods, now is the time to buy a pregnancy test and pee on that strip inside. It is the only sure way to find out for sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Last updated: 2023.10.16