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The Nordic survey Condom Check, which RFSU has been conducting annually since 2009, shows that the population in all the Nordic countries has become better at using condoms. A particularly positive development can be seen in Norway, which is now starting to catch up in terms of protection.

Condom use continues to increase in the Nordic countries


According to RFSU’s annual survey, condom use continues to increase throughout the Nordic region. In Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the proportion of people who used a condom in the last year is consistent at 40 percent. Norway has already had a relatively low level of use compared with its neighbors, and is still slightly behind in 2023, with 37% use. At the same time, together with Denmark, Norway is the country with the largest increase compared to the previous year (+5%).

For several years, we have seen a positive trend in condom use throughout the Nordic Region. This applies both in our surveys and when looking at sales, which had a clear trend break in 2018, where a negative trend turned upwards. Since then, we have had an average annual increase of +1.3% and in 2023 as much as +6.6%,  says Anette Otterström, Head of Brand & Communication Nordic, at RFSU AB.


When it comes to using a condom when having sex with a new partner, fewer Norwegians say they would do this (62%) compared to Sweden (68%), Finland (69%) and Denmark (70%). At the same time, the gap between intention and actual use has narrowed in all countries except Finland, where it has remained constant. The Condom Gap has narrowed the most in Norway, where the difference between those who intended to use a condom and those who actually did so when having sex with someone new last decreased from 23% (2022) to 15% (2023).

No problem suggesting condoms in Finland

How easy or difficult it is to suggest condoms differs between the Nordic countries. Finland stands out, with a full 67% responding that they find it easy or very easy to suggest condoms. This compares with Sweden (57%), Denmark (53%) and Norway (51%).

– Integrating condoms as a natural part of the conversation about sex breaks taboos and raises awareness about safer sex. Suggesting a condom should not be a difficult or uncomfortable task – it is a sign of respect and consideration, says Pelle Ullholm, sex education officer at RFSU.

Finns also find it at least as easy as suggesting condoms to communicate their own boundaries, with 78% thinking they are good or very good at this. Swedes also feel that they are good at setting boundaries (78%), while the figure for Norway and Denmark is slightly lower (72%).


About the survey: The survey was conducted using Bilendi’s online survey in panels in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark during July 2023. It included 1000 interviews per country among people aged 16-65, selected through a nationally representative sample, statistically verified by significance testing.

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