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Come together for a better tomorrow

Making a difference in the world doesn’t have to be hard. On the contrary, it can be fun and enjoyable! On June 28, RFSU launched this year’s condom campaign, which puts a more pleasurable face on activism when young people use condoms.


This is what standing up for something looks like

As the leading sexual and intimate health brand in the Nordic region, RFSU wants to lead the way in continuing to increase condom use among young adults. But instead of pointing fingers about STI’s, this year’s campaign will celebrate those who stand up for themselves and others by “Just give a f*ck”.

– We want to give the condom the value it actually stands for. By using condoms, young people can not only protect themselves and their partners, but also contribute to improving sexual and human rights in the world. Not least because the profits from our products go to RFSU’s long-term work. It’s a nice, simple act with a big impact,” says Anette Otterström, Nordic Communications and Brand Manager at RFSU AB.


The campaign is fronted by faces that together lead a joyful fight for a brighter future.


Take our quiz and show that you Give A F*ck

How do most people make sure the other person understands that they want to use a condom?

– We see a clear positive trend in both the use of and attitudes towards condoms, and not just as protection. Today, it means putting safety, care and pleasure first. The condom is a statement and a safe, sexy tool. During the summer, many young people meet new partners, and we want to remind them of the important and versatile role of the condom,” says Pelle Ullholm, expert at RFSU.


The campaign launched on the 28th of June across the Nordic region, to draw attention to responsible sexual behavior and inspire more people to join the movement for a better and more enjoyable world. Tactically designed together with Valtech RADON to overcome the harsh censorship of social advertising contexts and present a sexier image of condom use – without showing the sex itself.

The campaign is activated in social, digital, print, PR and at festivals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

RFSU at festivals in the Nordic countries:
Tusenfryd, Oslo May 8
Brännbollsyran in Umeå May 31 – June 1
Sideways, Helsinki June 13-16
Rosendal Garden June 14-16
Oslo Pride June 19-29
Västerås City Festival Pride June 27-29
Roskilde Festival June 29 – July 6
Malmö Pride in Malmö July 3-6
Bayside festival July 12-13
Sup & Stup, Lillesand July 25-27
Stockholm Pride July 29 – August 3
Smuk Festival, Skanderborg August 4-11
Way out West August 8-10
Copenhagen Pride August 10-18
Malmö Festival August 9-16
Augustifesten in Norrköping August 16-17
Homecoming in Uppsala August 30-31
Bonfire in Linköping September 6-7

About RFSU:
Profits from RFSU’s sales of condoms and other products are used to spread information, nationally and internationally, about sex and relationship issues. Through knowledge, commitment and advocacy, RFSU works for a world where all people can freely decide over and enjoy their own body and sexuality.