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Two results, one million emotions


A pregnancy test can show two results, but cause a million different emotions. By showing a more diverse picture of the feelings surrounding the result on the pregnancy stick, we at RFSU hope that we can be involved in creating a more open discussion about pregnancy and show that all feelings are allowed.


For the freedom of every body

The right to terminate the pregnancy is always the pregnant woman’s decision, regardless of the reason. The freedom to decide for yourself about your pregnancy is important so that all children that are born are wanted and that the physical and mental health of the pregnant woman is respected. 

A special event – for everyone

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, RFSU has pregnancy and ovulation tests that are easy to use and give a reliable answer in minutes. We have tests for those who want to test early, large packages for those who want to test often and tests for those who want to know when the best chance of getting pregnant is.

Last updated: 2023.11.22